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Corey Taylor in Seattle

A few days ago I had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Corey Taylor!  I’m comfortable with saying that it was the greatest moment of my life.  Sadly, I was so starstruck I could hardly say anything to him.  He was at the University Bookstore in Seattle singing his book Seven Deadly Sins.  If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.  Anyways, I’m still reeling from seeing him and shaking his hand!!!  So instead of gushing over him, I’ll just show you a few pictures!



Thank you, Corey!!

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I’m back…maybe

I know, it’s been a really long time since I’ve last posted.  At first, post-grad life was crazy busy, but it’s finally calmed down.  For the first time in my life I am living without stress.  It’s been pretty nice.  That’s all going to come to an end once I start law school in the fall, but I’m not thinking about that just yet.

So far, the most exciting thing I’ve done this summer is attend The Roger Waters concert.  That might end up being the highlight of my summer…he put on quite the show!  The theatrics, the lights, the action, the singing, the music!  Wow! Below I’ve posted a few pictures from that epic and unforgettable night.  If you have the chance, I definitely recommend seeing him live.

Waiting for the show to start. I was a little far away from the stage, so the pictures might be a little blurry.

Every show, he got a group of kids from the city he’s performing in to sing along with him. “Teacher, leave us kids alone!”




Close to the end. Here is Floyd “Pink” Pinkerton. I did not get to document the end since we were ready to run out of the show, as soon as the wall fell, to avoid traffic!

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NYC and Kurt Cobain

I went to NYC this weekend, and I got to check out the Kurt Cobain by Jesse Frohman exhibition at the Morrison Hotel Gallery.  I found out about this through Twitter, so I really did not know what to expect.  The gallery was a very small room, but the photographs were amazing.  Left me wishing I had a couple thousand dollars to drop on one of the Kurt Cobain portraits.  Here’s more information on both the gallery, and the exhibition that I saw: Kurt Cobain by Jesse Frohman

These are just two pictures that I took:

I fell head over heals for this photograph. It was displayed in the window, so unfortunately the reflection sort of detracts from the beauty of this shot.

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Day 3: Mail

I get these in the mail every week…I try really hard to read them, but school gets in the way.

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Day 2: Color

So far this challenge has not gone according to plan…I’ve already skipped one day.  Oh well, here are some pretty colors!!

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April Photo A Day Challenge

So I really slacked last month…it was a pretty crazy time.  Graduation is approaching in just a matter of weeks, and times are only going to get crazier.

But I’m going to give April a shot…here is the list of challenges for this month!

Wish me luck!!

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Day 17: Green

Yeah…I own a signed Fredy Montero jersey…no big deal (except it totally is).

Happy St. Patty’s day and GO SOUNDERS!! 

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Day 16: Sunglasses!

Apparently I can’t read…yesterday was supposed to be a car.  I don’t have a car at school, and I don’t feel like taking a picture of a strangers car…so we’re just going to move on.

This is a picture of my brand-new and beautiful sunglasses…got them for my birthday!

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Day 14: Clouds

Gahh I know, it’s been so long!  But I’m back…hopefully!  The second half of my semester has been rather hectic.  But here are some clouds to de-stress anyone else who is running around like crazy.

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