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NYC and Kurt Cobain

I went to NYC this weekend, and I got to check out the Kurt Cobain by Jesse Frohman exhibition at the Morrison Hotel Gallery.  I found out about this through Twitter, so I really did not know what to expect.  The gallery was a very small room, but the photographs were amazing.  Left me wishing I had a couple thousand dollars to drop on one of the Kurt Cobain portraits.  Here’s more information on both the gallery, and the exhibition that I saw: Kurt Cobain by Jesse Frohman

These are just two pictures that I took:

I fell head over heals for this photograph. It was displayed in the window, so unfortunately the reflection sort of detracts from the beauty of this shot.

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Day 20: Handwriting.

Sorry…It’s been a few days.  I felt that Kurt deserved to be the first post up for a little longer.

Anyways, here is his handwriting…

It's a little blurry, but this was taken at the EMP. It's a page out of Kurt's notebook with a few song lyrics. RIP Kurt Cobain


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Happy birthday, Kurt!

Kurt Donald Cobain (February 20, 1967 - April 5, 1994)

On February 20, 1967 Kurt Donald Cobain was born at Grays Harbor Hospital in Aberdeen, WA.  As we all know (or should know), Kurt changed the face of rock music, and instigated a social movement with a very strong fan base.  From the beginning, he was completely against trends, major corporations, and industry in general.  In fact he once said “I would rather be dead than cool.”  Ironically, it was this attitude that made him so cool.  Cobain is one of the most talented artists, and he has influenced me in every aspect of my life.


Cobain Memorial, Aberdeen

Despite his death, Cobain’s legacy lives on.  Rolling Stone Magazine rated him the 12th greatest guitarist and the 45th greatest singer of all time.  Although Kurt is no longer with us, he well and alive in the hearts of fans everywhere.

Happy birthday, Kurt.

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