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Sound City – A Film By David Grohl

Sound City is a new rock documentary, currently in production, directed by Dave Grohl.  I couldn’t really tell you what it’s about or when it’s going to come out, but I am incredibly excited about it!!

To watch the trailer visit their website: http://www.soundcitymovie.com/


When you visit the website, I recommend clicking on the phone, dialing the number, dialing the extensions, listening, and leaving a message.  Just like I did.

Say hi to Dave for me!

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Sorry…I’m currently on Spring Break and I have been busy with the family and  my 1/2 marathon training (and a lot of relaxing!).  Anyways, I still haven’t taken any new pictures, but here is something that I found!

Foo Fighters are streaming a live recording from The Reading in London in 1994.  I’m not entirely sure how long they will be streaming, so be sure to check it out today!!  It’s a great set!  Enjoy: Live at Reading ’94

P.S. I don’t own anything…all rights reserve to The Foo Fighters.

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